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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The First Twenty Years

Back in the day, I used to crank out some sappy poetry now and again for my then bride-to-be. She has a shoe box full of notes, cards and letters; the sum total of my romantic artistry. Since today marks our 20th Wedding Anniversary, I thought I’d give it another shot. This is mainly for us, so if you are allergic to “sap” you may want to skip this.

The First Twenty Years

1989 was a very good year
Not just because college graduation was here
But because of the best day of my life
The day you agreed to be my wife

Oh, there have been other days almost as grand
Seeing each of our children draw breath in this land
And each new experience they’ve brought us
The life lessons those four have taught us

But the greatest lessons I’ve learned come from you
Like patient endurance in what I’ve dragged you through
Life as a pastor’s wife is certainly
Not the picnic it appears to be

You’ve gone with me to the mission fields up north
And places where folks have not recognized your worth
You’ve lived with so much less than you deserve
From you I’ve learned what it means to serve

Humility and faithfulness you’ve shown me
Even when I’ve acted like you should disown me
The Spirit of Christ is so real in you
No matter the trials we’ve been through

Although I’ve been called to lead and be the head
In our home, so often I’m the one being led
My goal is to some day be worthy of
Your devotion, respect and your love

I know you’re not perfect (but you are so close)
I know that your weakness occasionally shows
But I wouldn’t trade our life together
For anything, now or forever

You’ve been my best friend, my lover, even guide
That’s why I acclaim the day you became my bride
And so for all the laughter and the tears
I thank God for the last twenty years

In the years to come with all the ups and downs
I pray God blesses us both with more smiles than frowns
But whatever comes, whatever’s in store
I thank God for the next twenty more

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Frances Clements said...

Congratulations on 20 years. I thought your poem was very sweet. I am sure your wife loved it.