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Monday, August 17, 2009

Purely Pagan Pleasure

Obviously I’ve not posted here in awhile. Life has just gotten pretty hectic in the last week or so. However, I’m looking forward to a little break to indulge in a road trip that is a “dream come true” for me.

One of our deacons ended up with an extra ticket for the Bristol Night Race. If you are not a NASCAR fan you will not understand the import of this; and nothing I can write here will adequately describe it for you. Suffice to say that I have always told my wife that if I could ever attend just one Cup race in my lifetime, it would be the Bristol Night Race. It’s been a few weeks since he offered, and I’m still not sure it’s a reality yet.

Now, I understand that this is pure pagan delight. I will of course miss church this weekend. A preacher skipping church for a stock car race must be the height of idolatry. However, I can’t help myself.

Actually, I’ve been working on my NASCAR habit recently. Having reduced our satellite package to the bare minimum, I haven’t actually even seen a race on TV in a couple months (no Speed Channel, No ESPN, etc.). I haven’t wasted money on racing paraphernalia in almost a year. I’ve been doing quite well. But this is the complete fall off the wagon kind of thing!

Pray for our 12+ hour road trip. Pray it doesn’t rain and postpone the race! And pray that I will be forgiven for this little indulgence into worldly pursuits. Oh, yeah, and…GO JEFF GORDON!!!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy and I kind of envy you. Never been to one myself. I use to watch Mark Martin race in Springfield occasionally when they had a asphalt track.