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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Another Right Wing Wacko

I truly fear my head is about to explode. Information now coming out of Texas is saying that this incredibly tragic event at Ft. Hood could have been prevented in so many ways. Not only were there many warning signs in the life of this one sick individual, but now we’re being told that a Senate investigation had suggested the possibility of this kind of action by Islamic radicals over a year ago.

Meanwhile, does anyone remember that it wasn’t all that long ago that a Missouri State Highway Patrol profiling memo suggested that the home grown terrorists we should really be watching out for are Conservative Christian, Pro-life, anti-tax types? Never mind the real threat, let’s focus on those dangerous “right wing radicals.”

Then to top it off, I read this report that Chicago Mayor Daley was actually blaming gun-loving Americans for the tragedy at Ft. Hood. It seems that if we didn’t like guns so much, anti-American terrorists wouldn’t be killing us. In what universe does that make sense?

I’m not sure I have anything really profound to say here. I’m just so amazingly frustrated that there is a whole society out there which is built on the firm ideology calling for the death and destruction of America, Israel, and anyone else subscribing to any semblance of a Judeo-Christian worldview. And yet the mainstream media and other liberals in this nation still refuse to call that terrorist threat what it is. Instead they want to continue to pass the blame for all the world’s ills onto Conservative, 2nd Amendment supporters.

When will we throw away all this political correct garbage and simply face facts? The largest threats we have to our freedom in this nation are: 1) Radical Islamic terrorists who simply read their Koran and act on its demand to kill all those who fail to convert; and 2) All the liberal/socialist types who would continue to seek to gag and disarm God-fearing Americans.

I pray regularly that our nation will wake up before it’s too late to stop this slide. Ultimately I know that what we need more than anything is a genuine revival, for God’s people to get out and share the Gospel and see hearts genuinely changed. But in the meantime, it just breaks my heart to see this land I love being ruined by such ignorance.

Sorry about all that. Just another right wing wacko needing a chance to vent a little. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

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Frances Clements said...

Great post, Scott. The Chicago mayor is way over the top.