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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pro-Life and Pro-Tebow

My sons, 15 and 5, are both big fans of former Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow. So much so that a recent discussion about a possible vacation prompted this suggestion from the five-year-old: “Let’s go to Florida and visit Tim Tebow.”

OK, so that’s a little much. But I enjoy the fact that there is an athlete out there my kids can look up to, and off the field they don’t have to read about arrests and assaults, and drugs and thugs.

Then comes the Super Bowl ad. If you haven’t heard about this, you’re not paying attention. Focus on the Family has paid for an ad to run during this week’s Super Bowl which will feature the Tebow family. The theme is simply a celebration of life and family, coming from a family which chose (notice the word) not to have an abortion. Tim’s mom was encouraged to kill him while still in the womb due to an illness she contracted while serving as a missionary. She chose (there’s the word again) not to do so, and she gave birth to Tim.

So what’s the point? Radical feminist groups are going crazy. They are screaming and yelling about CBS actually agreeing to air this horrible ad (which no one has even seen yet, by the way). It’s OK for all of the other trash CBS offers to be put on the air waves, but to tell the story of a woman who chose (do you see where this is going?) to not abort her child, well, that’s too much.

I’ve been thinking of writing something here about this for some time, but today I read this article from the Washington Post which says it all so well. This is written by a self-professed “pro-choice” individual; and yet even she sees the ridiculous nature of the outcry from the radical abortion fans. (It’s a great article, you really should go HERE and read it).

Personally, I’m glad things have happened this way. The cries of feminists against this woman who CHOSE not to have an abortion prove what I’ve said all along. There is nothing pro-choice about the Pro-Choice crowd. They are pro-death; anti-life; anti-God; anti-faith; etc. The only “choice” they want to protect is the wholesale slaughter of innocent children. If they were truly pro-CHOICE they would be jumping up and down defending this woman’s right to make the choice she made.

This whole episode has just proven their true colors to millions of intelligent Americans who can see through their tirades to their lack of logic on the issue. They have proven they are so pro-death that they don’t want anyone to see the positive outcome that can come from a truly wise choice. Let’s pray more Americans wake up and realize this, and maybe we can stem the tide of infanticide in this nation.

And God bless Tim Tebow and his family for their courage to stand for God and His Word in all areas of their life. No man is perfect, and I'm sure Tim has his flaws. But you have to admire the conviction of a young man for taking a stand that could directly impact his future in the NFL. Many are already saying that he isn't pro caliber, and the flak he will take for this ad may cause teams to be even more gun shy. He is literally putting his money where his mouth is. That's why our family is Pro-Tebow. I pray God will continue to use His servant greatly for His Glory.


Bob West said...

I enjoyed your blog
God Bless, Bob West

Another Christian for your kids to look up to:

Scott said...

Thanks, Bob, and thanks for the links. I was pulling for the Colts in the SB, but it's always good to see godly men with an opportunity to share their faith. Let's pray Drew will make the most of it.