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Monday, May 24, 2010

Go Hard or Go Home

I think I've mentioned before my appreciation for some of the "Reformed Rappers" out there. Guys like Flame and Lecrae and Shai Linne who take good solid doctrinal lyrics and put them to some fun rap grooves (like I know what a "groove" is). Anyway, one of my favorites that has been "haunting" my thoughts lately is a song by Lecrae called Go Hard.

Simply put he tells us to Go Hard or Go Home. Either sell out completely to Christ, or just forget it. It's all or nothing. You can't be a half-way servant of Christ. That's why I hate the modern church idea of "inactive members." There is no such thing. Either you are an active, participating, serving member of the body of Christ, or you're not. No such thing as half-way. Either Go Hard or Go Home.

For your enjoyment, and hopefully to challenge you, here's the video of that song. If you want to see the lyrics, go HERE.

LECRAE:: GO HARD from Adamson.TV on Vimeo.

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