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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Praying for Revival

I don’t think there are too many folks who would deny our nation and our world is in need of a revival. Yet, I wonder how many of us are truly and fervently and regularly praying for it.

Down through the years there have been numerous calls for prayer, sometimes with lasting effects, sometimes not. But I figure, it never hurts to do more praying right?

Recently I came across this site for the Monday Prayer Project. Honestly, I don’t know that much about the man behind it, other than a cross-referencing with several other blogs I read. But the idea is sound.
I would encourage you to go to the site and read The Story. It’s a reprint of a little historical survey of the connection between prayer and spiritual awakening. It’s a good inspirational read even if you don’t feel drawn to support the Project.

It also has a link to The Book, which is a downloadable version of John Piper’s A Hunger for God, a very good little resource on prayer and fasting.

And then there is The Pledge. Simply asking folks to set aside time every Monday to specifically pray for spiritual awakening around the globe, as well as encouraging one Monday a month for fasting, as well as encouraging you to meet with someone else for this same purpose.

Again, I don’t know much about the site/person here. But it seems like a pretty good idea. As I said, more prayer never hurts. And who knows, this might be the very thing our Sovereign King has designed to bring about world wide revival. Wouldn’t that be a glorious thing.

E. M. Bounds once wrote: “The crying need of the times is for men, in increased numbers – God-fearing men, praying men, Holy Spirit men, men who can endure hardness, who will count not their lives dear unto themselves, but count all things but dross for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Savior. The men who are so greatly needed in this age of the church are those who have learned the business of praying – learned it on their knees, learned it in the need and agony of their own hearts. . . In doing God’s work there is no substitute for praying.”

To that, I would say, Amen. So, I’m backing the pledge and committing myself to make this a regular, scheduled prayer effort. And I would invite you to join with me.


Gregg Metcalf said...

I agree, that most believers do not ask for true revival. Revival starts at "home" with an individual, sadly most do not want revived.

I agree, also with the fact that even thought I don't know much about this site or person, praying and fasting for God to move in the hearts of His people can only be a good thing.

So, I join you Scott, and will take the pledge, and by God's grace continue to pray for a moving of God in my heart, in my fellowship, in Portland, in the Pacific Northwest, and in our land.

Scott said...

Thanks, Gregg. I know that many have been praying for true awakening for years, but it never hurts to be more intentional about it. You take care of the NW, we'll cover the midwest, and hopefully others will jump on from the east, south, etc.