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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are We Really That Dumb?

All day long I’ve been listening to people talk about what a wonderful speech the President gave last night. I admit, I didn’t watch most of it, but did read the transcript of it (which can be found here). There is no denying that this President has a way about him, and is able to deliver a good speech (as long as the teleprompters are working!).

Here’s my problem. Are we really so dumb that we let our opinions be swayed simply by some nice sounding words? Remember that just a few months ago we had a radical rejection of this administration’s policies through the November elections. Just a month ago, the President’s approval ratings were bottoming out. Now, the numbers are better than 50%. What changed? A speech. Two speeches, actually.

First, it was the speech delivered by the President after the tragedy in Tucson. Hurting from the big political losses, the President used that event to offer a “reconciliatory” kind of message; let’s work together kind of stuff. It was more a political opportunity than any genuine desire for teamwork. But people ate it up.

Then, last night’s State of the Union address was full of the same sort of thing. And again, people are eating it up. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to get along, work together, etc. But let me ask you something: Do you really believe that the man who is without argument the most liberal leader we’ve ever had has gone through some radical transformation? Do you really think that his policies are any different now than when he took office two years ago? Just because he made a nice sounding speech, do you really expect his overall goals have changed? You remember, the goals just two months ago the country was ready to toss out on their ear?

Do we really believe that the President has changed his mind about his socialist agenda, bigger government, etc? Go back and read the speech again. While he does say we need to promote small business, etc., he goes on to say that it’s government’s job to create the right climate for that? Interpretation: more big government, which means more spending, which means more, more, more of the kinds of things we just rejected in November.

This administration is still the most anti-life ever. Remember, this is the man who defended the slaughter of innocent children in the womb because he didn’t want his daughter “punished” with a child. This same President who, just days after the information came out about the sick and twisted practices of a Pennsylvania abortion doctor, came out to reaffirm his support of abortion. None of this has changed.

His speech reaffirms the administration support of homosexuality as he discussed the famous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Which by the way, did you see the reaction from military men in the room? Not exactly a warm response. And these are the men entrusted with leading that military.

Do we really believe that there are suddenly more jobs now because of these two fine speeches? Of course not. Nothing has changed. The economy is the same. The state of the nation is the same. Our debt load is still completely out of control. And this administration’s plans to continue down the same path are the same.

Speeches are wonderful things. They can motivate and energize, and that’s a good thing. But folks, wake up. Fine sounding words don’t change reality. This is the political version of the “name it, claim it” theology. If I make a speech saying all is well, then it’s all well, right? Sorry. Doesn’t work in the church, and it doesn’t work in the capital.

If you were opposed to the course of the nation two months ago, you should still be concerned. Nothing has changed. Our nation is still in perilous times. So what’s the answer?

Well, big picture, the only true answer is in Jesus. Only a genuine revival in this land will do any lasting good. The answer ultimately isn’t about politics, but about the redemption of souls.

But in the meantime, we are called to be good citizens. And as good citizens we need to be discerning about the things we hear. Actions still do speak louder than words. Until policy genuinely changes, all the fine speeches in the world mean nothing. So stay involved, continue urging your Senators and Representatives to act responsibly, to faithfully adhere to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, to think more of the people they represent than the political machine they are a part of (I know, I’m asking for a lot). This is not over. Surely we know one or two speeches don’t change reality. We’re really not that dumb….are we?

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Gregg Metcalf said...

The last days men will pile up for themselves those who will satisfy the "tickle" or itch in their ears. Both spiritually and politically. People are truly sheep and some follow the wrong shepherd.