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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Good Warning from MacArthur

I've just finished reading the Iain Murray biography of John MacArthur, which is a good read by the way. MacArthur has a long history of speaking the truth in opposition to both the world and to popular church culture. I've always appreciated that. (And in light of my last post, I also appreciate that he does a well researched, well thought out response to things, not just knee jerk reactions).

The latest "controversy" he's found himself involved in has to do with MacArthur's running "advice blog" to those who consider themselves part of the Young, Restless and Reformed movement. Again, in view of my last post, we have to be careful of lumping everyone together here. I know not everyone falls in the camp of those MacArthur addresses here; myself being one of them. I'm fairly young (don't laugh) and reformed, but side with MacArthur on this one. The concern is those who have come to a belief in the Doctrines of Grace as far as salvation is concerned, but still live in the more man-centered world of how to "do church" how to "do evangelism" and so on.

Anyway, I just found this video interview to be very helpful (and spot on, by the way), and thought some of you might enjoy it. He not only speaks to the Reformed folks, but has some good words for some "trends" in the modern church in general. It's worth your time. Thanks to Gregg over at Gospel Driven Disciples for making me aware of this. Enjoy


Gregg Metcalf said...

First, thanks for the mention. Second, I am with MacArthur all the way on this.

At 56 I feel young, but I am not reformed, although I hold solidly to the biblical - not reformed - but biblical doctrines of grace (which most who are reformed hold to)and I am only restless for heaven as my final home. I find I really don't have much in common with the YRR movement. However, having said that, I rejoice as Paul did that Christ is proclaimed.

Rick Koretoff said...

Glad MacArthur addresses this! I think I would be considered to be a part of the YRR. I have enjoyed his advice to the YRR in some of his blog posts and am glad he addresses what a pastor is to be! Thanks for the post!