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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Want to be a Hymn Writer. What Do You Think?

I love old hymns. I’ve written about that frequently here, about my collection of antique hymnals, etc. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is reading some of the stories behind the hymns, what prompted the hymn writer to pen these specific words, etc. Often it was a life circumstance, or a particular verse of Scripture. Many times I’ve read that a song leader heard a particular sermon and was inspired to write a hymn in response, or even in advance to use with a particular sermon. I kind of like that.

Our worship leader, Matt, is very good about trying to find music that goes with our message for the day. We’re both convinced that the whole worship experience is “helped” by at least trying to provide some unity. For example, if I’m going to be preaching about wrath, it might be counterproductive to sing nothing but “feel good” songs. It just seems that there should be some flow to the worship so we’re all going in the right direction.

So, at the first of the week I send Matt the text, titles and outlines for the next Sunday’s messages and he does his best to try and “match” things up. And he usually does a wonderful job. Yet, sometimes, in spite all his efforts, it’s just tough to find something that really fits.

Take this week for example. In going through the book of Luke, we’ve made it up to chapter 17. The first few verses are dealing with the seriousness of sin; the danger of leading others into sin; and the response to others when they sin against us. Let’s face it, there aren’t really a bunch of good “sin” songs. In particular, Jesus says here that if we lead others into sin, it would be better for us to tie a millstone around our neck and be dumped in the ocean. Pretty serious stuff. How do you sing about that?

Matt sent me a note this week saying basically it’s really tough to find songs for this sort of thing. So I suggested that we ought to do like those old hymn writers and write our own. I suggested the following as a first verse and chorus and left if up to Matt to put music to it. Tell me what you think:

Don't cause those little 'uns to stumble
Better for you if you'd just crumble

Into a heap and then make a leap

With a millstone wrapped 'round your neck.

Oh, a millstone wrapped 'round your neck

It'll take you straight down to...heck

So watch out for sin

And don't lead anyone in
Or it's a millstone wrapped 'round your neck

I’m really excited about this. Can't wait to hear the music Matt comes up with. Once we put a couple more verse to it, I’m thinking this will catch on and be the next big thing in worship songs. Ya think?


Gregg Metcalf said...

From one song writer to another, not bad dude.

Scott said...

Thanks, Gregg. My wife has been singing it around the house, but when I shared it with the church yesterday, I don't think they were all that enthused.

~Brenda said...

I like it. It just needs a "doowap doowap" or two in there somewhere. ;)