For it is by grace you have been saved...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

O God of Wonder, God of Grace - A Hymn

Just some words of praise for this Lord's Day

O God of wonder, God of grace
How bright your glory shines
Throughout your world, in time and space
Creation’s grand design

O God of glory, God of love
All ‘round we see Your Hand
Look out, look down, and up above
From stars, to seas and sand

O God of mercy, Three in One
Your glory shines its best
As You gave us Your Holy Son
Sent to bring peace and rest

O God so Holy, Pure and True
Our sin would be our end
But through Christ’s death, and life brand new
Our vile hearts You did mend

O God of kindness, Lord of Life
In us your glory shines
Once sinners dead, but now alive
May all the praise be Thine

copyright 2012, Servantheart Music, Used by Permission

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