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Friday, October 5, 2012

Homeschooler Moment #14

I know that some say homeschoolers are “over protected,” but personally I love that our kids still have a sense of innocence.  They are aware of the evils of the world, because they know the doctrine of man’s depravity, but when it comes to many of the “cultural” issues that most kids have thrown in their face until they are immune to it, our kids are blissfully unaware.  

For example, while they’ve heard the name “Justin Bieber,” I don’t think they could name a single song.  Some see that as being “out of touch,” I see it as a mercy and plain old good taste.

Anyway, sometimes this leads to a little humor.  Nathanael overheard that Mac Powell, lead singer of his favorite band Third Day, was going to be singing at a late night rodeo somewhere nearby.  He wanted to know if we could find out and go.  In case you don’t know, Mr. Powell has recently released a solo country (*cough..hack*) record, and is doing a few solo dates.  But because I love my son, I told him I would check it out.

As it turns out, he’s not singing at a rodeo.  He’s appearing at a club called Midnight Rodeo.  The fact that my son heard “midnight rodeo” and immediately thought of a late night bull riding/calf roping event, rather than a night club featuring “sexy buns night” (it’s true), thrills me.  (I'll save any commentary regarding my mixed feelings about a "Christian" artist appearing at such a venue for another time).

Again, I don’t want my kids to be naïve.  They know more about the world and its evils than I really want them to.  They have a realistic understanding of what it means to be in a world dominated by sin.  But the fact that they still have that touch of innocence, even as upper teens, is refreshing.  Maybe I’m the naïve one, but I hope they never lose that. 

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