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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Return of the Intolerant "Tolerance" Folks

Almost exactly one year ago today I posted a little piece about the hypocrisy of the "tolerance" crowd.  Those who yell so loudly about how we ought to tolerate their lifestyles, while at the same time disallowing anyone to disagree with them.  In fact, I suggested that we have redefined "tolerance" to mean not just allowing a view to be stated, but to agree with it.  To be tolerant in the world's eyes, I not only have to allow homosexuality to be expressed, I have to support it.  Read that post for the evidence. 

Now, a year later, there is another example in an ever growing list of examples that show those who support the liberal, pro-gay, pro-death agenda violently opposing anyone who would dare disagree with them.  Watch this. 

My heart breaks when I see this.  Not only for the poor guy holding the sign.  Not only for the violent marchers blinded by their sin and led to rage and bitterness.  But for our nation as a whole.  What have we become when we are so blinded by the so-called "tolerance" crowd that we can't see how hypocritical this is? 

If this had been a group of Christians attacking a homosexual holding a sign, it would be all over the media for months on end.  We would be hearing non-stop about those cruel, heartless, hate filled Christian bigots who attacked this poor innocent protestor.   But because it was a group of gay pride marchers attacking a Christian, well that's ok.  We'll let that one slide. 

It is a sad, sad day in America when this can happen.  In the midst of all the "racial" outcries over Trayvon Martin's tragic death, in the midst of all the cries for equal rights for homosexuals in marriage, in the midst of all the talk about tolerance, and curbing violence against those who are "different", etc. we sit back and ignore this outrageous behavior.  As one young man said to me after viewing this, "God is not smiling on America right now."  How very true.  And how very sad.  And chances are, at the rate we're going, it's only going to get worse.   

I've always hated the "sky is falling" alarmists, but the truth is, persecution for the true Church is coming to America.  We're seeing glimpses of it all over. And we had better be prepared as those who have fought for "tolerance" will eventually lead our nation to their desired end, the complete intolerance of Christianity. 

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