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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Beautiful Bride

My Beautiful Bride
for Cheryl on our 26th Anniversary

My beautiful bride, sometimes I can
Hardly believe this wonderful plan
Our Father has shown
Making us His own
And giving you me, so I'll never be alone

We started as friends, and we still are
Though our bond has certainly come far
You stood by my side
My beautiful bride
Our journey begun, so that we as one abide

We've been one for twenty six year now
And sometimes I really wonder how
Your love keeps its pace
It must be His grace
That makes your love sing, through all of the things we face

I know that Christ is our greatest prize
But sometimes when I look in your eyes
My beautiful bride
Your heart open wide
I think I would die, if you were not by my side

I'm thankful for Christ, our great treasure
Still I'm so grateful for the pleasure
Of my precious wife
In joy and in strife
My beautiful bride, I'll stay by your side for life

With all my love,

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