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Monday, October 12, 2020

Hi There, Remember Me?

 Start and stop.  Start and stop.  After years of faithful writing on this blog, I fell into a horrible rut of not writing for long periods of time, only to try and get it going again, only to fall of the face of the earth again. 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to read a pre-release copy of a book by John Beeson and Benjamin Vrbicek called Blogging for God's Glory in a Clickbait World.  It will be out in a few weeks, and I'd encourage folks to get a copy.  Blogging folks, that is.

Anyway, reading that book encouraged me to give this another go.  Awhile back I said I was going to use Mondays to post Sunday's message from our church.  Audio files became an issue when our church page began having trouble.  Then Covid hit, and we started doing live streams.  So now, I have videos available.  I will begin, then, by sharing yesterday's message. 

 As we continue to go through Matthew's Gospel, we found ourselves reading the account of Jesus being tested by some Sadducees regarding the outlandish example of seven brothers all marrying the same woman, one by one, after the previous brother dies; and in the resurrection, whose wife will she be?  Wow.  What's that all about?  Well, if you really want to know, here's the video.  And check back here soon for some "original" content.  In fact, the next article is already written entitled Is There No Truth In Beauty?  

Now for Sunday's Message:

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