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Monday, February 2, 2009

Call to Dunkirk: Rescuing Children from Government Schools

For several years, some of us within the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as state conventions like our Missouri Baptist Convention have attempted to introduced resolutions to encourage our families to rescue their children from government schools. While I know that will sound completely radical to some, I would encourage you to view this "Call to Dunkirk" video from folks like Voddie Baucham, Bruce Short, Ray Moore and others. Then visit the folks at


It's not about me. said...

C.S. Lewis wrote an excellent work on the effects of literature and schooling in his essay, "Men Without Chests" on how minds of the unsuspecting can be easily molded; especially in children.

I just took a look at a college level writing course book for "English as a second Lanuage" students. It was pretty bad; praising Bertrand Russel and Darwin as "really smart people". The material was riddled with anti-Christian/pro-humanism and postmodern comments, leading questions and statements.

Some of us, still in our 40's, will see "History" accounts we know were skewed. The book I was looking through described Martin Luther King Jr as one who once "read about" Christian Love and Gandi. I thought he was a Christian Pastor. Imagine someone about to do brain surgery on you being described as someone who once "read about brains".

If and when you get the chance, look through the text books of anyone you know who is taking a class, in any subject. It is much worse than one would suspect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the confirmation of what this post was all about. You're right, it is so much worse than most people realize. Sadly, there are too many who feel sticking their head in the sand and hoping things will get better is the best solution. I pray God's people will wake up before we lose more of our children

Frances Clements said...

I did a post a while back called, "The Depth of the Lies". Or something like that. I think many Christians think, "I can counter a little homosexual propaganda and a little evolution at home." They do not realize that almost every subject is riddled with lies just as the first comment said. And the lies are generally not blatant. They are subtle things woven together to form our children's world views. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. AC,
You're absolutely right. It comes down the whole worldview thing. Most folks have no idea that nearly every subject taught is done so from a secular worldview which affects/corrupts everything. It's not just evolution itself in science, it's the evolutionary worldview that affects economic studies, social studies, etc.
Thanks again for your comment.