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Friday, March 13, 2009

Attack on Homeschoolers

Just read a story about a family in North Carolina who has had the courts "order" them to place their children into government schools, in spite of the fact that they have all tested above their grade level. Something about needing "broader educational" experiences, or something.

Sadly, this came about because of the parents going through a divorce, and dad had never been supportive of homeschooling. Even more sadly, in the process the conservative Christian mom was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation; but dad wasn't. Can anyone say "BIAS"?

Read the story here, and then read Voddie Baucham's take on it here. You can also check out a site called "Homeschool Injustice" started by some friends of this family. There is a page of Action Steps if you are interested.

Most of all, keep this family in prayer, as well as all your homeschooling friends. I have a suspicion that this kind of thing will only incrase in the coming years as we find ourselves with an increasingly hostile/anit-Christian government.

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