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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christian Terrorists in Missouri (with Update)

{PLEASE NOTE the update/correction at the end of this post}

ORIGINAL POST - Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I knew this day might come, I just didn’t expect it quite this soon. According to a “leak” within the state of Missouri, information has come to light regarding the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s official “profile” of dangerous terrorist types in our state. According to the news story that came out last night, there is an 8-page report from the Missouri Information Analysis Center designed to help law enforcement “identify home grown threats.”

Included in that profile of "ideologies to watch out for” is anyone who fits these descriptions:
*Anti-abortionists (notice the slant even here; they didn’t say Pro-life)
*Tax resistors
*Anti-immigration advocates
*Supporters of third party candidates like Ron Paul

Here’s the interesting part. The state has officially apologized for including the “third party” thing, especially since they mentioned several candidates by name. However, they have not apologized for targeting conservative pro-life Christians. Governor Jay Nixon, as of the news report, has stated that he is standing by the report.

Any Missourians who are reading this: I strongly urge you to contact you State Senator and State Representative and encourage them to support any legislative efforts to have this “profile” changed. (You can click HERE to go to a “legislator lookup” page that will give you contact information for your legislators.)

I would also encourage you to contact Gov. Nixon’s office and urge him to change his mind about “standing by” this report. I would also suggest that we ask for an apology like the one issued to the third party candidates mentioned in the report. I’m sure that more than half of the state of Missouri fits into these definitions, and we are certainly just as offended as that handful of political candidates to be maligned in this way. (Click HERE for a comment form to contact the Governor’s office)

In some ways this is just a reminder to the church. We are foolish to believe that we can stand by and do nothing and continue to enjoy the freedoms we have for so long in this great nation. The anti-Christian trends are growing, and as good citizens we must continue to stay vigilant and be involved in the political process, letting our voice be heard while we still have the freedom to use it. (I guess I should be careful, saying things like that might make me a "homegrown threat", huh?)

UPDATE/CORRECTION - Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last night our local news did a follow up story in which they made one clarification. The report in question did not mention Christians in general, but specified a group called the “Christian Identity” which is apparently a racist organization. I certainly cannot tolerate racism in any form, and I would not defend or wish to be associated with them.

However, what should still be a major concern to all Christians is the inclusion of other “ideologies” mentioned in the report which do represent a majority of conservative Christians; specifically being Pro-Life. It should raise large red flags that any branch of the government would consider being Pro-Life a cause for “concern” to law enforcement.

Last night’s report mentioned that several Missouri lawmakers are in the process of attempting to put a stop to what they call “political profiling.” This is why I would still encourage Missourians to contact their legislators and voice their concerns over this report and to urge them to support the measures being offered to change this “profile.”

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Frances Clements said...

I heard about this. Some people are warning that just driving in Missouri with certain bumper stickers could be cause to be viewed as a possible terrorist. Good grief. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?