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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update From

An update emailed by We can't let the issue die. I urge anyone who hasn't visited the site to do so and get invovled. Here's their recent update:

Somalia to Ratify CRC, US to Stand Alone

UNICEF announced on the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child November 20 that Somalia’s transitional federal government (tfg) plans to ratify the Convention, leaving the United States as the lone hold-out among the UN’s member states. According to BBC reports, the tfg only governs a portion of Mogadishu (the capital of Somalia) while pirates and Muslim militias rule the rest of the nation, but the tfg “is backed by the UN and African Union.” So why would an impotent, geographically-challenged, UN-backed transitional government suddenly announce that it plans to ratify a treaty it is powerless to implement? The UN’s announcement is set to increase pressure on the United States to ratify this dangerous convention.

Somalia as a nation is known for its pirates and its child soldiers. Sometimes, we even hear about its child pirates. The idea that the nation is suddenly joining “the good guys” as a signatory to the CRC is preposterous, but it is being set forth by proponents of the treaty. The BBC writes, “The decision to ratify the agreement will be seen as an important symbolic step.” Read the full story here.

Action Item

We will be contacting Congress again shortly after they return to D.C. Our blitz is just a few weeks away. In preparation, please cut and paste the following message into an email, tweet (you'll have to shorten it!), Facebook or other post and send it to everyone you can think of:

January is a great time to start new things and to get around to things you put off last year. If you haven't checked into the need for a Parental Rights Amendment, there is no better time than right now. Please take a few minutes to visit and sign their petition (join the network) to urge Congress to pass this vital Amendment to preserve all of our freedoms by protecting parental rights.

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Frances Clements said...

Will the US have the guts to stand alone? I hope so.