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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Primary Voting Today

Just a short note to remind folks about the need to vote today, and to make a very brief response to those who have told me I’m a fool to support the Constitution Party. Here are my reasons:

1. The Republican Party started as a third party. It CAN be done.

2. If we don’t start sometime, it will never get done.

3. The GOP has turned its back on true conservatives, with the arrogant attitude that we MUST vote for them simply because it’s better than the liberal Democrats. It’s time they found out otherwise.

4. It’s time we started voting on the basis of conscience and conviction, not just political expediency. Why vote for a candidate who stands for less than you hope for simply because “well, it’s better than the other guy.” Stand firm! Vote your convictions. (If you haven’t read the CP Platform, go here and read for yourselves.)

There are many other reasons I could give, but are more suited to one on one conversation, which is difficult here (obviously). Suffice to say that if godly people truly stood up and supported the most godly candidates, instead of voting according to pocket books and popularity, this nation would turn in a hurry.

I’m not saying that all CP candidates are necessarily more godly than their GOP or Dem counterparts. However, I know that here in Missouri, many of the leading candidates on both sides leave much to be desired, and I’m fed up with the attitude that these are the only choices. We DO have alternatives. I urge you to check out the CP candidates in your area before the General Election in November.

But regardless, go out and vote. Make use of the great freedoms so many fought and died for before the freedoms are gone!

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