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Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Hymn Attempts

Thinking about hymns in my last post has prompted me to post a couple more of my weak attempts at the subject.  I must have read too much Dr. Seuss as a child, because sometimes I just get the urge to rhyme things.  Over the years I've cranked out silly poems for my wife, goofy greeting card couplets, and even a few poor attempts at songs.  None of it has been all that great, but it's something I have fun with.

Being someone with an interest in church music/hymns, it's only natural that occasionally this drive would head in that direction as well.  Awhile back I posted one attempt at a hymn, well actually one "real" attempt and one just for fun.  Our generous and sympathetic worship leader even had us sing the serious one in church one Sunday. 

Anyway, since I've been thinking in those terms again lately, I thought I'd toss these out.  The first is a short meter verse that I envisioned with a tune like "St. Thomas" (you music nerds will know about tune names, or you can google it).  The other I wrote to fit the tune "Loriann" which was written for the hymn "All to Thee."  Richard Baker named the tune after his daughter.  We didn't know that when we named our own daughter LoriAnn, but since there is a tune with her name, I thought I'd give it a shot.

God Help Me  (Short Meter)

God help me, I am weak
Apart from You I’m done
I need your grace, your mercy sweet
That comes through Christ Your Son

God help me see Your love
Which in Christ You displayed
He came and died a sacrifice
My sin on Him was laid

God help me trust in You
And in the hope You gave
Though dead in sin, You gave me life
And by Your grace I’m saved

God help me, lift me up
I still need grace each day
To live and serve and praise Your name
Oh help me, Lord, I pray

Praise His Name (8.7  8.7  with refrain)

1. Many years I had been seeking
For a purpose in my life
Sin had led astray, deceived me
Till Christ opened up my eyes

Praise His name, O praise His holy name.
Praise His name, Sing only of His fame. 
Praise His name, I’ll never be ashamed
His grace I’ll ever claim, O praise His name

2. Jesus died to pay my ransom
Rose again to set me free
By His grace I have the promise
That one day His face I’ll see


3. Now each day I seek to serve Him,
Give my life to make Him known.
I’m so grateful for His mercy
Glad He claimed me as His own


Songs copyright 2012, Servantheart Music, Used by Permission

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Ophelia - Marie Flowers said...

These are very beautiful; they are well written and have good messages. :) I especially like the first one. Nice work!