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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Homeschooler Moment #17

I've decided that Facebook is absolutely the bane of blogging.  I haven't done a Homeschooler Moment since April, and I think it's largely because when fun things happen, I post it to Facebook and the blog is neglected.  

Not that the world has lost much.  Most of the people who read this blog (at least two of the three people who actually read it) are my "friends" on FB (wow, that opens up another can of worms, but...)  So I post things there, and forget about the fun that one person may be missing out on.  (Sorry, Aunt Bertha)

This one, however, is just too much fun to pass up.  I did already post the general idea on FB, where dozens pushed the magic "like" button.  But now you lucky blogger fans will not only get that general idea, but an actual replica of the list itself.  What list, you ask.  Well...

Our nine-year-old gave us a Christmas list.  We had asked the older kids for a list, since all being over 17 it's getting a little harder for me to think of ideas.  We told the little guy that we didn't really need a list from him because we know his obsessions and had already even purchased a couple items.  

But not wanting to be left out, he gave us a list anyway.  And since he apparently wants to go into law practice, his list came complete with the "fine print."

In case you can't read nine-year-old, here's the translation: 

Wish List*
I. Camo PJ's
II. LEGO Creator Treehouse Set
III. Slippers (Lego ones if you can find any)
IIII. LEGO House set +

+Any Lego kind like Star Wars, Creator, Like that
*All items that have been purchesed that are not on the list plese do not return   thank you

Gotta love the fine print, the actual asterisk and plus sign for notation, etc.  While his spelling is a bit off we'll give him an A+ for effort and outright "gumption"  (all you other homeschoolers out there, please don't flood the comment section with how bad we are as homeschool parents for letting our nine-year-old spell like this!)

And now, Aunt Bertha, you know what everyone else was laughing about.  Merry Christmas.

(Note:  I don't actually have an Aunt Bertha.  She is a fictional character created solely for the purpose of making people think I actually have family members who read my blog.  My apologies to any real Aunt Bertha's, living or dead). 

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Gregg Metcalf said...

4 point outline, only thing missing was the poem. Best Christmas list I have seen. Hats off to the future Mr. Spurgeon!