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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Will Your Voice Be the Next Victim?

My last post ended with a plea to Christian folks everywhere to boldly proclaim the name of Christ.  Recent events have called into question how much longer we might be able to do that. 

By now everyone is aware the the A & E Network has "suspended" Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the cultural phenomenon "Duck Dynasty."  In a recent interview, Robertson was very plain spoken (a little too plain spoken for my taste) about his preference for heterosexual sex.  He went on to indicate that homosexuality is one of many sins our world has come to accept as it falls further from Biblical truth.

A&E's response was to suspend Robertson, emphatically saying that his views do not represent theirs and that they see themselves as "champions" for gay rights.  Now, I know nothing of the Robertson's contract with A&E.  Perhaps there is some clause which would have prohibited Mr. Robertson from expressing his views on this matter.  I doubt it.  They seem to let them say just about anything else.  But still....I don't know. 

What I do know is this.  Not only is this another case of the intolerance of the "tolerant" crowd, but it strikes at the very heart of America's once treasured Freedom of Speech.  Let me briefly look at each issue. 

First, the "tolerance" crowd.  I've mentioned here before some of the many examples of how those who cry for "tolerance" (i.e. liberals, homosexuals, etc.) are themselves the most intolerant when you disagree with their views.  The running logic is that we are to be tolerant of any and all views, except traditional Biblical values.  I shared here two very specific examples of Christians being targeting for abuse by pro-gay troops, with nary a mention by the national media.  Were the abuse the other way around, it would have resulted in war cries.  The message:  Christians keep your mouths shut!

Which brings me, second, to the Free Speech issue.  To be honest, I've long struggled with the issue.  It turns my stomach to see some of the things that have been protected by Free Speech down through the years.  People have been allowed to do and say the most offensive, horrific things.  Nazis are allowed to demonstrate on American streets.  Vile and profane and blasphemous lyrics are allowed to be recorded and broadcast all over.  On and on it goes.  The price we pray for allowing free speech.  But now...

Christians are finding themselves more and more on the receiving end of censorship and worse.  The intolerance of the "tolerant" crowd has taught us that free speech applies to all people except Christians.  Display artwork that blasphemes God, that's fine.  Dance in the streets in the most offensive ways to promote homosexuality, that's your right.  But express your opinion opposing homosexuality, oh no; lose your job.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal put it best when he said, "It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended."

Of course, the liberal media goes along by promoting statements from noted Christian "experts" like the representative of a gay rights group who claimed Mr Robertson's views are in opposition to what "true Christians believe."  So that representative has the freedom to distort the teachings of Scripture, which clearly condemn homosexuality; as well as the teachings of the church, which have always condemned homosexuality; and even misrepresents what the majority of American Christians believe.  That's ok.  Freedom of speech, and the media will report his comments and act as if they are true.  A&E can even consider themselves "champions" of gay rights, and that's their freedom.  But Mr. Robertson, who simply says what God has always said about the sin of homosexuality and other immorality; nope, sorry, can't do that.

Folks, don't be fooled.  This is a slap in the face to our Freedom of Speech.  How much longer will it be before other views which are Biblical become less and less popular, and will cost you your job?  How much longer until the freedom to proclaim the Christ of Christmas is lost all together?  Today it's just a reality TV guy that you might not like anyway.  But will your voice be the next victim? 

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Trainup6 said...

Scott, like you, I wasn't totally cool with his argument from nature why homosexuality was illogical, but that is not what got him into trouble. He dared to call immorality sin (SIN!) and paraphrased the scripture which lumps that sin into other immorality, greed, swindlers, etc. That is what is scary. Apparently the only "sin" that matters to this crowd is that of holding to the "objectionable beliefs" found in scripture.