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Thursday, October 8, 2015

National Poetry Day

Seems like all I've been able to get posted lately are these silly little holidays.  Well, Constitution Day isn't silly.  And, well, Coffee Day isn't silly either.  Those are serious things.  But anyway...

In honor of National Poetry Day, I thought I'd share a few things from the Weldon Family.  The girls each have a collection of their writings at Apricot Pie, among other places, so I'll borrow a couple favorites from that.  They may not like me sharing, but hey, they posted it online so...

From LoriAnn, several years ago.
Rainbow Mud
The storm cleared.
Glancing out my window
I spotted something new—
A double-decker

I gasped.
Two perfect arches
Mirrored one above the other
Blushingly fresh
Washed clean by rain
Blown dry by thunder

I ran outside.
Didn’t bother to close the door
Didn’t bother to put on shoes
Didn’t bother to walk

In a ladylike fashion
I ran
Hurtling down six half-flights of stairs
Tripping over a banister
Jamming my thumb on the door
To see the rainbow

Outside, I paused.
My breath coming in
Little huffs and puffs
I stared in wonder
Just stood
Other people stared at me
But I just grinned
Staring at the

I spun in a circle
In the wet, rainbow-dribbled grass
My toes wet
Coated with itchy grass clippings
Splash in the puddle
The rainbow drippings

Kick at the water
Laugh at the sky
Smirk at those who carefully look away
Rainbow madness

And as it fades—
Such a sad moment—
I turn and walk back inside
Sighing in satisfaction

I step onto the tile of the front hall
And my foot slips
I look down
And giggle,
Wiggling my feet
Rainbow mud between my toes

From Katrina, also several years ago
The ink curls around itself
Twisting in curlicues and
Straightening in lines
It weaves a delicate spider web
As the pen ticks across the parchment
The individual fibers of the web
Glisten in the sun
They join
Twist and form
The web shines brightly
The ink stitches a story as it spills onto the page
Looping and riding
On the tossing ocean of the mind
As imagination becomes solid
The vapors settle
They relax
The pen scratches dry
Is filled
And begins again
The strokes transform into letters
The letters form words
And together
Words become tales
Stories and songs
Then they fall before the reader’s eye
Open to them
Like an ear to a whispered secret
The reader breathes in the words
Remembers the story
Drinks in the poetry
The pen
At rest
Is nearly forgotten
As the words are repeated again and again
But it all started with
A single line
A single drop of ink

And a recent "song" from Kenaniah.  (His obvious obsession right now comes through.)
Quintuple Steps, Warped Wall
Yeah, Yeah, I've tried them all
Salmon Ladder, close to the top
Into the water that's where I drop

American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior
This is the fight for Mount Midoriyama
American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior
This course will make you want to cry for mamma

Cliff Hanger, Jumping Spider
These will make you want your pacifier
Devil Steps, Wind Chimes
So let me hear you all cry

Repeat Chorus

Nathanael's poetry is visual, photographs.  Visit his photography page here.  But here is one of my favorites.

Well, there you have it. Happy National Poetry Day.  

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Gregg Metcalf said...

Since I have a love of poetry and attempt to write my own, it is thrilling to know that your youn-uns have tried their hand. Tell them "great job!" Of course I am sure you already have.