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Monday, November 16, 2020

Jesus' Judgment ON Pharisaical Religion

 Yes, I know it sounds like last week's message.  The key is "of" vs. "on."  In Matthew 23, Jesus pronounces a series of "woes" on these pharisaical men about whom He is speaking.  Far from the "Jesus meek and mild" picture we often think of, this is Jesus speaking frightening things. 

But before we look down our noses at those scribes and Pharisees to whom these "woes" are addressed, we ought to take a moment of self examination to see if these same attitudes exist within us.  To apply tough words to ourselves may not be fun, may not be popular, may not "entertain" us, but the goal of the Word is not any of those things.  It is to speak truth to the hearts of men.  

So, I guess maybe I should say, "Listen at your own risk."  (I know the truth of this message hit me harder than I care to admit)

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