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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering the Fallen (or...Thanks, Grandpa McGuire)

Scott Weldon, the son of Gradie Weldon, husband to Evelyn Froehlich, the daughter of Harold Froehlich, husband to Arline Keeton, daughter of Frederick Keeton, son of Harrison Keeton, son of Robert Keeton, son of Abraham Keeton, husband to Rebecca McGuire, daughter of John McGuire, son of Lt. James C. McGuire, born in Dublin, Ireland in January of 1734, killed in action at the Battle of Blue Lick Springs, Kentucky on August 19, 1782.

To many of you that means nothing. To me, it’s a reminder that our family heritage includes many who have served this nation, including my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather who died in our nation’s fight for independence.

I briefly mentioned this connection back in March, around St. Patrick’s day because of the obvious Irish connection. I mention it now because as we remember the fallen, those who have died for the national freedoms we enjoy, I can’t help but think of Lt. McGuire.

For those who have heard of it, or those who even care, the Battle of Blue Licks Springs, Ky is considered by many to be the final battle of the American Civil War. Even though it happened nearly a year after the Battle of Yorktown and the famous surrender of Gen. Cornwallis, signaling the official end of the war, battles like the one at Blue Licks were common on the frontier and are just as much a part of the battle for freedom as the others.

Daniel Boone, part of this same battle in which his son Israel also was killed, said this: "So valiantly did our small party fight, to the memory of those who unfortunately fell in the Battle, enough of Honour cannot be paid." His words are included on a monument dedicated on the anniversary of this battle in 1928.

So what’s the point? Simply this. On this Memorial Day, it is good for us to remember all those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. Most of us have in our family history some similar story of those who have given their lives in defense of our grand republic. Enough Honour cannot be paid. But we can certainly try by remembering their sacrifice.

Yesterday I preached a sermon in which I reminded our church that our focus ought to be on God as the true source of all blessings. We talked about the fact that our truest blessing is in Christ; that those who are truly blessed are those who “hear the Word of God and keep it” (Luke 11:28). That is certainly true, and I wouldn’t change a word I spoke.

However, on this Memorial Day, it is only right and fitting that we also “remember the fallen.” It is right that we remember those who have given their all for this greatest of nations. Just as it is right that we continue to remember those for whom this fight is yet being waged.

So, to the families of those who died in service: thank you. To all those who have served: thank you. To those who are serving even now: thank you and you are in our prayers.

And thank you Grandpa McGuire. I hope that we can live in such a way that we honor your sacrifice. And to God, truly, be the glory.


Gregg Metcalf said...

Good post Scott. Very moving and true to the bone! Your welcome, I did my bit from Oct 72 to Oct 75 in the USMC.

Scott said...

U-rah! We do indeed thank you for your service. My brother was a Marine and is now a Naval recruiter. I guess I should have mentioned that in the post, along with my dad who served in the Army. I was just thinking more in terms of historical stuff, those who died, etc. Hope they aren't too mad at me!